Seminar on The New Racing Rules of Sailing
March 30, 2017

Don Martin, designer of the Martin242, will introduce the major changes to the Racing Rules for this year mainly as they relate to keelboat sailing in our area. The important rules for local racing will also be reviewed.

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Seating is limited; you are encouraged to register early to reserve your seat.

California Yacht Club Mid-Winter Regatta.

February 11, 12, 2017

Marina del Rey

Alan Drinkwater did an amazing job organising all the details for the team in California as well as writing this report.

Skipper Allan Strain and crew Clare Strain, Maggie Drinkwater and Alan Drinkwater arrived at California Yacht Club on Friday afternoon to cool, rainy weather.  We checked out the boat loaned to us, M242 #9, which was in great shape and had nice sails. What a small world - this boat was Allan and Clare's Popcorn which they raced in Vancouver in the 90s.

There were 12 M242 boats in the regatta.  Saturday saw 3 races in sunny skies and 12-15 knots of breeze.
Sailing was tricky with shifting winds, strong current, large and fast moving rollers coming from a different direction than the wind, and plenty of kelp. The Santa Monica Bay kelp is King Kong version:  each strand is 1' wide, multi-leaved and 12' long, often in thick clumps.  Upwind steering and sail trim was tricky, the challenge being to keep the speed up while maneuvering through the waves.  We had great speed and pointing and finished mid-fleet at the end of the day.

Sunday saw light, patchy winds, softer seas and current; shirtsleeve racing with temperature around 20C!   Sunscreen needed.
The locals were seeing things we weren't and had their boats moving faster. We finished the regatta in 11th place and learned lots.

 The hospitality extended us by M242Fleet 3, the California Yacht Club and our billet hosts was amazing.
They are a super bunch of sailors and took great care of us.

Allan, Alan and Maggie (Photo credit: Clare Strain)

2017 M242 North Americans

The 2017 M242 North Americans will be held at Marina del Rey Sept 1-3.  
M242 Fleet 3 has 4 boats set aside for Canadian teams!

Alan Drinkwater

Fleet One's Executive for 2017

Fleet Captain: Allan Strain
Vice Fleet Captain: TBD
Past (Past) Fleet Captain: Alan Sturgess
Secretary-Treasurer: Judith Roos-McClacherty
Web Master/IMCA Rep.: Craig Strand
Communications: Clare Strain
Social Media Director: Tara Smith
Score Keeper: Connie Leung
Keeper of the Trophies: Ray Parsons
Fleet Measurer/Technical Chair/IMCA Rep.: Alan Drinkwater
Fleet Cook: Paul Martin
Executives at Large: Dave Bogart, Cedric Carter, Adrienne Mennell, Steve Haynes

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