2020 Class Rules

Effective June 15, 2020 the new 2020 Class Rules go into effect, and they can be found in the M242 Class Docs section HERE on the Fleet One website.

The IMCA Technical Committee updated them over the past few weeks, making a number of moderate and minor changes, as follows:

  1. The slightly revised Class logo has been inserted and also defined in new Rule 3.6.9. When ordering a new mainsail, please ensure your sailmaker is aware of the updated Class Rules.
  2. New Rule 1.3 states that boats shall be measured according to the process guidelines in the World Sailing Equipment Rules of Sailing ("ERS"). This was previously mentioned in the Sail Appendixes, but has been included in the document body so as to explicitly cover the boat and equipment.
  3. Keel Position (old Rule 3.1.3) has been moved to Appendix B to align it with the other keel measurements, and to also state that Keel Position Dispensations can be granted by local Fleet Measurers.
  4. New Rule states that the main halyard can be a maximum of 1:1
  5. to have been renumbered and some of the paragraphs have been moved around to align them better with various subject matter.
  6. References to ISAF have been changed to World Sailing.

2:1 Main Halyard Appeal Decision

During the past few weeks the IMCA Technical Committee (the "Committee", members of which are listed below and can be found here) debated an Appeal to a prior decision that said that 2:1 main halyards are not allowed per Class Rule 1, Intent.

At the 2020 Fleet One AGM a request was made for the decision to be Appealed back to the Committee and for them to take additional factors into account.

The 9-member Committee debated the Appeal at length and in the end determined that the proposed 2:1 setup offered marginal additional benefit and had some downsides, and thus the Appeal was denied based on a number of factors.

The full Appeal decision text can be found here in the M242 Class docs section on the Fleet One website.


IMCA Technical Committee

Fleet One: Anthony Collett, Michael Clements, Ken Machtley

Fleet Two: Ken Holland, Jeremy Smith

Fleet Three: Mike&Denise George (Licensed Builders), Tom O’Conor, Scott Barber

Fleet Four: Don Ulsifer