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Wednesday Ad Hoc Training Provides Relief for Locked-down Sailors

Phil Cragg and Reto Corfu ('Phreto') have staged some informal practice races over a few Wednesday evenings to relieve sailors' jonesing for waterplay.

Obviously addicted to sparing on the sea, crews are still adhereing to important public health guideliines.  Apart from the usual RRS, I understand that penalties can be awarded for yelling towards a competitor who is less than 2 metres away (Yelling under 2 metres); it is unsportsmanlike conduct to hail without ppe (Naked hailing); and disqualification from a race can result from fending without sanitizing (foul fending foul).

COVID-19 is still with us and it is important to continue to follow Dr. Bonnie Henry. 

Start at 6pm somewhere between Kits Yacht Club and Royalvan.  Race Committee is likely a rib with Phil making noises.
  • Maximum crew of 2 or 3
  • Whitesail only, no spinnakers
  • startline between Phil's powerboat "Mongoose"  BC sailing orange RIB and a mark
  • one windward mark
  • Twice around, fairly short racecourse due to boring downwinds, so try for 3-4 circuits?
  • 3 minute starts, no flags:
    • bunch a whistles = get ready (4 min), 3 whistles = 3min, 2 whistles = 2 min, 1 whistle = 1 min, 1 long whistle = go
    • pick the aft corner of transom as boat end of start line  wherever Phil is sitting is boat end of the line
    • Honour system on OCS, etc. 
  • usual 1 turn penalty for fouls/2 turns if near a rounding mark
Training circuit will be between Royalvan and Kits. Don't forget to social distance in the boat yard & for launching.

Be Kind, Stay Calm, Sail Safe.