2020 NA's Postponed to 2021 At Nanaimo Yacht Club

On April 27, representatives of Fleets 1, 2, and 3 agreed to postpone the 2020 NA's but continue to hold them at Nanaimo Yacht Club on July 3/4, 2021 in conjunction with the 2021 SIN Regatta.
Rolling the NA's back one year at Nanaimo Yacht Club will enable them to still host an event that they have put a ton of preparation into, and that will provide a significant boost to the Vancouver Island Fleet in 2020 and 2021.
The new dates in 2021 are also marginally better than 2020 in that Canada Day is on the Thursday before the event, which is a natural boat transport day for Canadians. And the US statutory holiday will be on Monday July 5, which also aids US boat transport on the return journey.
Ken Holland, Ken Machtley, and Michael Clements represented the Pacific Northwest Fleet with prior input from Fabian Hope (Fleet Captain for Fleet One), Jeremy Smith, and Alex Fox. Denise and Mike George represented Fleet 3 in Los Angeles.
It was good to get agreement among the Fleets for the 2021 NA's to be held at Nanaimo Yacht Club, noting that they unfortunately had to cancel the 2020 event on April 26 due to the virus epidemic.
As such, the 2022 NA's will be at Cal Yacht Club, instead of 2021, with the date TBD based on Fleet 3 discussions with California Yacht Club.
For everyone else, here's the official announcement that was published on April 26 by the SIN Committee:

ontribution by Michael Clements)