Ok - here goes:

“There’s a reason they call it the THRASH Regatta”

The 2018 edition of the THRASH Regatta saw 9 Martin 242’s show up, with Teams from Vancouver (Michael Clements&Justin Hall, racing with Jeremy Smith and Robert Berry from Victoria on a Royal Vic club boat), Nanaimo (Tod&Doug Gilbert), Orcas Island (Ken Machtley & Team), and Victoria (6 boats) attending. Adrienne Mennell came over from Vancouver also and raced with Jenn Potter and Heather Abel.

Saturday’s winds were very strong out of the west, with average wind speed around 20 knots and gusts up to 25-30knots. Several boats suffered varying degrees of damage, including emotional, psychological and physical battery, and the fleet size dwindled to 4 boats by the last race. At least one wise team spent the entire day drinking at dockside, assisted by a winch-powered blender.

The Vancouver team broke 8 of 19 strands on the upper starboard shroud (probably due to the rig pumping like crazy on the upwind legs) and came within a whisker of losing their mast, while also breaking off the vang cleat, stripping the teeth off the mainsail cleat, shredding both Mylar windows on the mainsail (see photo) and doing a wild wipeout on the downwind leg of the first race and turning their spinnaker into an out-of-control kite for about a minute. The dog definitely got blown off the chain today. At the end of the days racing the Vancouver team was leading the event with 2 bullets and 2 2nds.

After racing, Royal Victoria Yacht Club put on an excellent pig roast dinner followed by a live band and dancing, which made it one of the best THRASH events ever.

Sunday was far more moderate with the wind out of the north all day, and rarely dropping below 5 knots while usually ranging from 10-12 knots. This was one of the best northerly winds on record coupled with brilliant sunshine. All the boats raced on Sunday and the Fleet mixed up the results all day long. Individual race winners included Liane Kern, Luke Acker, and Michael Clements/Jeremy Smith. Four more races were run, and the Vancouver team picked up 3 more bullets and a 2nd, and won the award for top One Design Boat in the regatta.

Thanks go to Blackline Marine, Trotac Marine, UK Sails, and BRNKL for their sponsorship of this great event.




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