Sunday September 27

tongue-out Kits Yacht Club Bell Buoy Race sealed

In the past couple of days KYC has decided to host its annual Bell Buoy Event (used to be the Lawrance Cup)
This is a one day event that is open to all Classes.
  • The Start of the race is at noon at the KYC floating dock, then race to the Point Grey Bell Buoy and head back to the finish at KYC.
  • Finish time limit is 5pm.
  • (Note: although they have not specified if the Bell Buoy can be rounded in either direction, as in the past, the M242 Fleet should round "marks to Port" for safety reasons)
  • No skipper meeting before the race.
  • No registration needed.
  • START will be between a mark* and the KYC dock.
  • 5,4,1, start signals will be issued from the dock at noon.
  • Clock your own finish time when the Kits dock is abeam. (Prefereably to starboard).
  • The M242 Class has agreed to a maximum of 3 crew and the use of spinnakers.

*They say there will be no set start marking, so just be on the start line. There may be a red buoy or a flag: they will advise.

Tide Times for Vancouver: Sunday 27 September 2020

Tidetide state Time (PDT)& Date Height
High Tide 2:18 AM(Sun 27 September) 3.58 m(11.75 ft)
Low Tide 9:21 AM(Sun 27 September) 1.28 m(4.2 ft)
High Tide 4:39 PM(Sun 27 September) 4.49 m(14.73 ft)
Low Tide 10:50 PM(Sun 27 September) 2.79 m(9.15 ft)
tide stateSunrise:7:07AM tide stateSunset:6:58PM tide stateMoonset:2:15AM tide stateMoonrise:5:58PM

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Welcome to the Regional Fleet - Brenda Van Fossen and Andrew Liebmann

Jumanji (#263) has been re-activated recently in Vancouver by Brenda Van Fossen and Andrew Liebmann, who are chartering the boat from Colin Jackson, and they plan on racing it in the North Americans next year in Nanaimo.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet - Chris Chart - 9th boat of 2020 to change hands
On August 1st, the 9th boat of 2020 changed hands (8th in the Pacific Northwest Region). Chris Bligh sold Thunderstruck, Hull #101 (Sail #161, listed January 15, 2018) to Chris Chart of Nelson, BC. Chris has raced for many years in the Nelson area on various PHRF boats, and he plans on racing his new 242 out of the Kootenay Lake Sailing Association against Anne & Gary Armstrong (who own Coal Dust, #45) and other PHRF boats in the Kootenay Lake area. The green-hulled boat was listed for about CDN$9,500, and came with 2 suits of sails and a road trailer. The boat measured in almost perfectly and has a 2016 Measurement Certificate. Welcome to the Fleet, Chris, and enjoy your first 242!