Fleet One "Return to Racing Policy" for July onwards

Hi everyone,

The 19 owner responses (out of 30 polled) to the recent "Return to Racing" options for July were reviewed in a special executive meeting.
Your Fleet One (Vancouver) Executive Committee has decided to lift all restrictions on racing for the month of July onwards.
The rationale is as follows:
1. Ten owners voted for 4-up racing with spinnakers
2. Eight voted for 3-up racing with spinnakers (of whom 4 voted for no spins over 10 knots, likely assuming there would be a fair number of 2-up teams, which was not the case)
3. Only one owner voted for the status quo, probably indicating a 2-up boat
4. A number of Exec Committee members will race with 3 on board for the month of July onwards for a while, but don't feel they, and others like them, will be at a competitive disadvantage relative to 4-up teams, especially given that most racing is done in under 10 knots of breeze in English Bay.
5. The vaccination rollout is proceeding apace in BC: 1.3M people as of June 28 have had 2 doses. By July 7 (the first Wednesday Night Race that this new Policy applies to) that will probably have risen to 1.5-1.6M.
The Policy was arrived at unanimously on June 28th.
Let's all stay safe on the water.

Best regards,

Michael Clements
Fleet Captain, Fleet One