BC Sailing Covid 19 Update March 17,2021

BC Sailing has received several inquiries regarding the recent extension of the Provincial Health Orders (PHO). This newsletter is intended to help clarify sailing specific activities that are permitted under the PHO.

Adult Sailing

● Outdoor organized sport activities for adults (people aged 22 and over) are restricted to 10 or less people. For example, 10 singlehanded boats or 5 doublehanded boats.
Training activities only.
● Crew should be household only at this time as participants must maintain a distance of 3 metres from one another unless everyone lives in the same private residence.

Youth Sailing

● Children and youth sport activities do not have the same gathering restrictions that adults do. Children and youth are permitted to gather in group sizes of up to 50 people, including coaches or organizers.
● 3 meters of physical distancing is required at all times. If physical distancing is not able to be maintained the activity is not permitted. Singlehanded sailing only unless both crew live in the same private residence.
● These restrictions apply to on-water as well as land-based training. Children and youth, in this instance, are people under the age of 22.


Regattas are not currently permitted under the PHO, and as such are not currently being sanctioned by BC Sailing.