The Regional M242 Fleet has made 3 copies of the MG Marine drilling jig that is used to make 4 holes in each of the side deck rails to accommodate the shroud u-bolts.

One jig is at Orcas Island (c/o Ken Machtley); one jig is in Vancouver (c/o Michael Clements); and the 3rd jig is on Vancouver Island (c/o Ken Holland).

Please contact any of these individuals if you need to install G10 or other rods along the deck lip and will need to redrill the holes.

The u-bolts, locknuts, and 24”x3/4” G10 rods can be sourced from MG Marine in Marina del Rey, California. 

Note that the drilling jig hole spacing is designed for the new, slightly larger, u-bolts that MG Marine uses now on 242’s, not the old u-bolts from the 1980’s and 1990’s.