New Rules 2021 - Part 2!

We briefly shared some links to resources explaining the changes to the rules for 2021 HERE - now here's another excellent resource from rules guru Dave Perry:

BONUS CONTENT! In case you've ever been confused about luffing rights and proper course downwind, here's a quick video refresher also from Dave Perry:
Rule 17 with Dave Perry

An interesting follow-on from this rule occurs when approaching the layline to a leeward mark while overlapped. A leeward boat, if she established the overlap from clear astern, must gybe promptly once she reaches her layline to the leeward mark - as this is her proper course. In other words, as shown in the image below, the leeward/inside boat (Green) can not "drive" the windward/outside boat (Red) past the layline - even if you're far from the mark (well outside 3 boatlengths). If you are ever the windward boat in this situation a quick hail of "proper course, please gybe" or something to that effect often gets the job done. There's often a bit of a grey zone as to where exactly the leeward boat's correct gybe angle is - but eventually it becomes obvious that you're well past the gybe angle. If you're Green you're opening yourself up to a protest if you sail too far off your proper course - so be safe, gybe on your layline!

Overtaking to weather?
Prepare for an aggressor!
Overtaking to lee?
Let the other boat be.