Last Wednesday tuning is Sept 23rd.

4th Martin 242 in the Kootenay Region

Anne Armstrong reported recently that Lane Romano of Sylvan Lake has moved his boat "Scrimshander" (Hull #34) to his summer home on Kootenay Lake, about 4.5 hours by boat from Nelson. He dropped in on the Gray Creek Regatta in Crawford Bay on September 5&6 and won 3 of the races he took part in. Lane is very interested in racing in some of the additional Kootenay-area events.

Welcome back to the Regional Fleet - Tim Singh

Sunday September 27

tongue-out Kits Yacht Club Bell Buoy Race sealed

In the past couple of days KYC has decided to host its annual Bell Buoy Event (used to be the Lawrance Cup)
This is a one day event that is open to all Classes.