New Rules 2021 - Part 2!

We briefly shared some links to resources explaining the changes to the rules for 2021 HERE - now here's another excellent resource from rules guru Dave Perry:

BONUS CONTENT! In case you've ever been confused about luffing rights and proper course downwind, here's a quick video refresher also from Dave Perry:
Rule 17 with Dave Perry

An interesting follow-on from this rule occurs when approaching the layline to a leeward mark while overlapped. A leeward boat, if she established the overlap from clear astern, must gybe promptly once she reaches her layline to the leeward mark - as this is her proper course. In other words, as shown in the image below, the leeward/inside boat (Green) can not "drive" the windward/outside boat (Red) past the layline - even if you're far from the mark (well outside 3 boatlengths). If you are ever the windward boat in this situation a quick hail of "proper course, please gybe" or something to that effect often gets the job done. There's often a bit of a grey zone as to where exactly the leeward boat's correct gybe angle is - but eventually it becomes obvious that you're well past the gybe angle. If you're Green you're opening yourself up to a protest if you sail too far off your proper course - so be safe, gybe on your layline!

This exact situation came up between 13 and 304 (Back in Black and Too Wicked) in Race 2 last Wed (June 16 2021). Luckily, while the good guys (#13) had to gybe onto their proper course, they still managed to get to the leeward mark first and go on to win the race. Nice job good guys!

Overtaking to weather?
Prepare for an aggressor!
Overtaking to lee?
Let the other boat be.

Building and Installing a new Mast Whip

Mast whips are almost always required for Martin 242’s that have full-length upper battens, as the mast whip helps extend the backstay line further aft than normal, and in that manner the roach of the mainsail is less likely to catch when tacking or gybing. Here's some info on upgrading your mast whip:

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Wayback Machine

A few months ago we got a cool note from local writer/editor Simon Hill. He had dug up an old Sailing World Article from October 1989 written by Don Martin and Michael Clements. Check out the link for the full text...just don't take all these tips to the bank as there's likely a good many that are out of date! It is pretty neat to see what was going on over 30 years ago though.

Independently, current Sailing World editor Dave Reed found a copy of the original artwork from this article, and kindly sent us the print. It's now framed and proudly displayed on the wall of the Kitsilano Yacht Club, with this article printed & taped to the back. Check it out next time you're at KYC!