Welcome to the Regional Fleet - Peter Creighton & Family

On January 29th, Judith Neville of Victoria, BC, sold Haggis (hull #139, listed July 29, 2021, for CDN$13,500) to Peter Creighton and his family of Nanaimo, BC, which makes it the 2nd transaction of the year.

Peter's last boat was a C&C 29, which required too many people to keep it crewed properly, and he always liked the Martin 242's with the light and simple setup for club-racing and day-sailing and the fun vibe he saw in the fleet. He loves the option to race for fun and gain skippering knowledge with his wife and 20-something son or a crew of buddies on board. Peter has done a fair amount of level racing back in the day in Toronto on a C&C 34, and always liked the boat-on-boat competition, and he is looking forward to racing in the upcoming NA's in Nanaimo on July 2&3. Peter says “I am super impressed by the dedicated volunteers and passionate folks I have already interacted with in the Fleet’s that have helped get us back on the water.” He also wants folks to know he is in the market for a road trailer.

With a light gray hull, Haggis is in very good condition and came with lots of sails, instruments, a 2hp motor, yard dolly, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate (it measured in perfectly and was minimum weight with 109 pounds of Correctors).

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Peter & family, and enjoy your first 242! (photo below of Peter and his wife Chris).