Welcome back to the Regional Fleet - Hawk Attew & Family 

On November 28th, the 13th boat of 2020 changed hands (11th in the Pacific Northwest Region): Jenn Potter and Gordon Tulip of Royal Victoria Yacht Club sold Dark Horse, #157, to Hawk Attew, 14, and family, who will sail it out of Cowichan Bay - exploring the nearby islands with the family and racing.

Hawk worked long hours over the past two summers with tremendous energy and focus with the goal of saving enough to buy his first 242.  He plans to build on the sailing skills he developed while learning to sail in Lake Ontario as a pre-teen. Hawk’s dad, Jason, previously raced on a 242 back in the late 90’s and looks forward to his son gaining the same experience he did. They plan on racing Dark Horse in next year's NA's at Nanaimo. This is excellent news, as it continues a recent string of inactive or semi-active boats getting sold or chartered to keen new owners.

With a dark blue hull, Dark Horse has an excellent NA's race record, coming 3rd overall in 2019, 2nd overall in 2007, and 3rd overall in 1993. The boat was listed for CDN$8,000 and was previously refurbished by Jason Rhodes and Matt Kirk-Buss in 2007 to an NA’s race-ready standard, with epoxy barrier coat and bottom paint.

It came with:

3 mains: Regatta (Sobstad - 2017, Club Racing Sobstad - 2009, Cruising - 2007)
3 jibs: most recent is a 2015
3 spinnakers: most recent was a crispy 2015
a completed Measurement Certificate
It did not come with a trailer or yard dolly.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Hawk and enjoy your first 242! (The photo below shows Hawk standing beside Dark Horse on the 28th.)

Hawk Attew Dark Horse Sold