Welcome to the Regional Fleet - Brenda Van Fossen and Andrew Liebmann

Jumanji (#263) has been re-activated recently in Vancouver by Brenda Van Fossen and Andrew Liebmann, who are chartering the boat from Colin Jackson, and they plan on racing it in the North Americans next year in Nanaimo. Brenda is a past keen Melges 24 racer out of Seattle who was also the Fleet Captain. She’s raced for many years in the Pacific Northwest and recently moved to Vancouver. Andrew is a very experienced PHRF racer who used to race on a 242 many years ago, so it’s good to see him back out racing regularly on Jumanji with Brenda. Attached below is a photo taken on September 2 with Andrew at the helm and Brenda on the bow in the green jacket. Enjoy Jumanji, Brenda and Andrew, and we look forward to your continuing progress in the Regional Fleet.