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SOLD - Widgeon (hull #79)

1st boat of 2024 to change hands - on February 24, 2024 Widgeon (hull #79) was sold by Patrick Morrison of Bellingham, WA to Peter Grimm of Vancouver who in turn sold it to Reto Corfu of Vancouver on February 27. It’s the 67th transaction in 7 years. The boat will live at Kits Yacht Club.

With a dark green hull, Widgeon is in great condition and comes with good sails, a yard dolly / road trailer, a small outboard engine, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate. Reto still has part-ownership in Back in Black with Phil Cragg and plans to try and get both boats out racing regularly.


The boat will reportedly soon be the badfish

Enjoy your 242, Reto, and see you out there!