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Orcas Island Spring Regatta

The annual Spring Regatta was held in sunny Westsound on April 13/14, site of the 2019 NA's and likely the upcoming 2027 NA's.

6 very competitive 242's attended the Regatta, which was sailed primarily in windy conditions on Saturday out of the north, followed by lighter winds Sunday out of the north and south, and at the end of the 7-race Series Jeremy & Tara Smith ended up on top with 4 bullets, closely followed by newcomer Eric Bonetti who got the other 3 bullets (with Michael Clements and Adrienne Mennell on board).

Mike Cannon and family likely would have finished 2nd overall or even first but had to head home early to beat the weather, and as such missed the last 2 pivotal races. In addition, two races were blown off due to light air when Mike & Eric were in 1st & 2nd each time, so who knows what the results would have looked like if those two races would have counted.

Here's a link to video footage from the event, courtesy of Carl Davis, plus last year's cloudy event in Eastsound (note the epic wipeout this year by Eric Bonetti downwind).

Results can be seen here.