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Recent IMCA Technical Committee Decisions

The International Martin Class Association (IMCA) Technical Committee has been busy these past few months handling not only the mast & boom project, but also evaluating various proposals and updating the Class Rules and Constitution.

Here are the updates:
  1. It was decided that we would not reduce the Maximum Crew Weight for the Class. Currently it is 800 pounds, and it was felt that this is a good maximum weight to carry on with.
  2. It was decided that we would not allow the position of the foredeck bullseye for the pole downhaul to change position and to be placed at the base of the mast and anywhere in between on a straight line. Although the mast base would make the pole pivot easier, it would also cause problems at weather marks while the spinnaker was being hoisted because the pole could easily rotate aft, and in heavy air on a tighter reach the outboard pole end would have a strong tendency to sky. 
  3. It was decided that Canada would not adopt the US (LA) Hiking Rule and instead would leave it up to changes in the Sailing Instructions for major regattas.
  4. There was widespread support for the idea of a "split backstay system" like J-70's and other Classes use, whereby the backstay line would run forward on both sides of the cockpit to the traveller area. A poll in this regard will be issued to everyone in the near future.
  5. The Class Rules were updated, primarily to update Rule 7 and consolidate similar Rules within it. One change is to make it clear that boats must be Registered with a Fleet and have paid boat dues (where applicable) in order to race in Championship events which are now defined for the first time.
  6. Some minor inconsistencies in the Constitution were changed to reflect common nomenclature in the Class Rules, such as IMCA instead of M242CA.
The updated constitution can be found HERE (or go to -> M242 Class Docs -> IMCA Constitution (2007))
The updated class rules can be found HERE (or go to -> M242 Class Docs -> M242 Class Rules)