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Weekend Fun Racing.

Fleet one development is proposing to set up a group email of 242ers who are interested in casual race days throughout the summer, this activity can be arranged on short notice with the aid of the 5 day forecast to decided on a decent sailing day for the upcoming weekend, an individual can send out a group email to other participating 242’s in hopes that one or more boats are free to meet up & stage a fun race.

The race course would use existing marks such as anchored freighters, buoys or Passage Island depending on wind direction.
Casual racing also provides the opportunity for less experienced boats or crew members to get up to speed without the intensity of scheduled fleet events.

There is no cost or commitment involved to register on the mailing list, other than having to find an excuse to go racing on a sunny day.
To register on the M242 Fun Racing mailing list or for more info, email me colinp242 at to get your boat listed on the group email which will be sent out to all participants sometime in May.

Colin Potter.
Fleet One Development.

Martin 242 Line Lengths

 Some common metric conversions for line diameters: 1/8" ~ 3mm; 3/16" ~ 5mm; 1/4" ~ 6mm; 3/8" ~ 9 or 10 mm; 1/2" ~ 12 or 13mm

  • Spinnaker Halyard: 1/4" x 75 ft.
  • Reef: 1/4" x 25 ft.
  • Pole Down: 1/4" x 30 ft.
  • Pole Up: 1/4" x 45 ft.
  • Vang: 1/4" x 22 ft.
  • Backstay purchase: 1/4" x 17 ft. N.B. This is the purchase line between blocks, not the actual backstay.
  • Backstay line or wire: distance from mast crane to top centre of pushpit is 34’4”. Wire backstay length should be 33’6”, plus 3” either end for crimping length, plus another 2'-3' depending on the length of backstay whip. Rope backstay length can be 33’ or 33’6” plus 6” either end for tying knots plus 2'-3' depending on length of backstay whip, plus another 2' if splicing is being done at each end rather than tying bowlines or similar. Rope can be 3/16” or 1/4” Amsteel, Dyneema (better), or similar.
  • Traveller: 1/4" x 22 ft. for 2:1 Purchase; 32 ft for 3:1 system NOTE this assumes one line end to ended; not 2 pieces.
  • Cunningham: 1/4" x 18 ft.
  • Cunningham strap: 1/4" x 5 ft.
  • Spinnaker Sheets: 2 @ 5/16" x 60 ft. (8 mm x 18.3 M) tapered for the last 12 feet
  • Jib Sheets:
    • 1:1 system 1 @ 3/8" x 45 ft. 
    • 2:1 system 2 @ 5/16" x 30 ft. (7-8mm) tapered for the last 30" (762mm) down to a 6mm Dyneema core with a braided loop at the end to attach a Wichard clip. (3/8" is too thick for the taper point to pass easily through the bullet blocks on the jib)
  • Jib Halyard: 3/16" x 27 ft.
  • Jib Messenger (Halyard tracer) line: 1/8" x 27ft
  • Main Sheet: 3/8" x 65 ft.
  • Main Halyard: 3/8" x 78 ft.
  • Furling Line (small harken drum): 3/16" x 25 ft. (the first 10' to coil into the drum may be tapered)
  • Furling Line (large Harken drum): 1/4" x 25 ft. (again the 10 ' of line coiling into the drum can be tapered)