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SOLD - #113 Blackadder

Blackadder, hull #113, was sold on February 9 by Ken Holland of Nanaimo to Tim Knight, Don Sargent, and Lee Taylor of Royal Victoria Yacht Club  (unlisted transaction, private sale); the 2nd boat of 2023 to change hands. This is Tim's 2nd 242, as he previously owned Flash Dance a number of years back. With a red hull, Blackadder is in very good condition, is race-ready, and came with a 2016 Measurement Certificate (it measured in perfectly).

Welcome to the Regional Fleet, Tim, Don, and Lee, and enjoy your 242


Racing Concept of the Month #6
The “racing concept of the month” articles are way of sharing the general racing knowledge that has been developed over the decades in the Martin 242 fleet – this is the sixth of a series (ok...not quite montlhy). All are loosely based on the excellent content in this article by Michael Clements.

The Lesser-Known Martin 242 Crew Jobs

There are several well known and important crew roles when racing a Martin 242:
Main – the person that trims the mainsail,
Jib – the person that trims & tacks the jib,
Spinnaker – (hope you can see where this is going by now…) the person that trims the kite,
Pit (aka “Cabinback”) – the person who operates all the lines running back to the cockpit, most importantly pole up/down and spinnaker halyard,
Foredeck (aka “Pole”) – the brave soul who wrangles the spinnaker pole during hoists, gybes, and douses; and finally:
Helm – the person who sits at the back and makes all the mistakes.

In a well-oiled race crew this is usually four people, but you can get by with three.

But wait! There’s more! A successful race crew relies on several other critical but often overlooked roles. Some of these are outlined below, roughly organized by race phase.

SOLD - #1 Grayling

12th boat of 2022 to change hands - a new annual record! - Sylvan Lake, Alberta in December, 2022 (unlisted transaction, private sale): Grayling (hull #1) - sold by William Young to the Sylvan Lake Sailing Club which will use it as a Club boat for sharing and adult-learn-to-sail. The deal included a trailer and newer Tohatsu 6 HP engine.