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Thursday Night Racing At Kits Yacht Club

Thu night racing begins May 19 at KYC. The Regatta website is open here, the SI’s are available, and racing starts at 6pm. The Clubhouse bar will be open after racing. 

Everyone who is not a Kits member that wants to race needs to send their boat type, sail number, and skipper name to the KYC Manager at:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If any KYC boats wish to leave their boats at RVYC after racing on Wednesday night, partly to attend Beer Night but also in preparation for Thursday Night Racing at KYC, contact Michael Clements in order to coordinate this with the RVYC Dock Staff.


New Crew Night Update

On March 30th we had just over 30 crew show up and 10 skippers, so it was a great turnout. Following the event all potential crew received an email update re next steps, as well as the names and email addresses of the skippers in attendance. An online “crew bank” is in the process of being set up on the Fleet 1 website, and all skippers will shortly receive the contact info of the folks who attended Crew Night.

New Yacht Rigger Assistant

Martin 242 owners will be pleased to know that we’ve recently had a new addition to the Regional ssistant yacht rigger skillset pool in the form of Evadine Grimm, whose services can be contracted through her father, Peter Grimm.

Deck Padding Contest - The Countdown Begins

All North American owners and crew are reminded that the Deck Padding Contest concludes at the North American Championships in Nanaimo on July 3, and so far we’ve got 5 contestants.

For details regarding the contest, prizes, and current entries, check out the information here.

Boat Measurement Prior to the NA’s & BC Championships

The racing season is starting soon and the North American's are coming up fast in Nanaimo in early July followed by the BC Championships in Gibsons.

All boats will require a valid Measurement Certificate for these regattas, so now is the time to reach out to your local Fleet Measurer if you need a Certificate or need to finalize a Certificate in progress.

Note that Measurers will have reduced capacity to assist after April 30th and very little after May 31st, so best to get on it right away if needed.

Spare Parts List

A list of spare parts donated by 242 owners is under development and can be found on the Regional Buy/Sell page in the “General M242 Fleet Resources” section starting on page 60.

Boats For Sale in the Region

Only 2 boats are available for sale in the Pacific Northwest at present: Electra (hull 37) at Kitsilano Yacht Club for CDN$5,000 and Hurricane (hull 61) at Squamish Yacht Club for CDN$6,000. Check the Regional Buy&Sell page for details at

Join Fleet 1 or Fleet 2 - Help Support The Regional Organization

Your membership dollars help keep the Martin 242 Class the biggest, best, and most active one in the Pacific Northwest. To join one of the two Regional Fleets, go to “Member & Boat Registration” at

Fleet 1 Investment In 2 Spinnaker Poles
At the 2022 Fleet 1 AGM, following a unanimous recommendation from the Fleet 1 Executive Committee, the attendees voted to invest in two spinnaker poles for loan & sale.
  • One pole is brand new and has been ordered from ProTech in North Vancouver and will be for sale for CDN$900 (photos to follow post-construction)
  • The second (black) pole is in very good used condition and has been purchased from Allan Strain (see attached photos) and is available for loan
The concept is that if someone in Fleet 1 or at a North Americans/Canadians/BC Champs/Cow Bay needs to borrow a pole for a short time while theirs is being repaired, Fleet 1 will lend them the black used pole. But if they damage or break it they would be responsible for repairs or buying it outright.
On the other hand, if someone breaks a pole and/or end fitting and does not want to repair it, or just wants a new pole to replace an old one, Fleet 1 will sell them the new pole for CDN$900, and will immediately order a new pole from ProTech. In this manner the multi-month lead times are cut dramatically.
The two poles will be stored in Michael Clements' garage and either he or one of the Fleet 1 members will transport them to major regattas.
Note that Orcas Island has one or two spinnaker poles which could be loaned out in Washington State - contact Ken Machtley or Chris White.