Weekend Fun Racing.

Fleet one development is proposing to set up a group email of 242ers who are interested in casual race days throughout the summer, this activity can be arranged on short notice with the aid of the 5 day forecast to decided on a decent sailing day for the upcoming weekend, an individual can send out a group email to other participating 242’s in hopes that one or more boats are free to meet up & stage a fun race.

The race course would use existing marks such as anchored freighters, buoys or Passage Island depending on wind direction.
Casual racing also provides the opportunity for less experienced boats or crew members to get up to speed without the intensity of scheduled fleet events.

There is no cost or commitment involved to register on the mailing list, other than having to find an excuse to go racing on a sunny day.
To register on the M242 Fun Racing mailing list or for more info, email me colinp242 at shaw.ca to get your boat listed on the group email which will be sent out to all participants sometime in May.

Colin Potter.
Fleet One Development.

Ok - here goes:

“There’s a reason they call it the THRASH Regatta”

The 2018 edition of the THRASH Regatta saw 9 Martin 242’s show up, with Teams from Vancouver (Michael Clements&Justin Hall, racing with Jeremy Smith and Robert Berry from Victoria on a Royal Vic club boat), Nanaimo (Tod&Doug Gilbert), Orcas Island (Ken Machtley & Team), and Victoria (6 boats) attending. Adrienne Mennell came over from Vancouver also and raced with Jenn Potter and Heather Abel.

Saturday’s winds were very strong out of the west, with average wind speed around 20 knots and gusts up to 25-30knots. Several boats suffered varying degrees of damage, including emotional, psychological and physical battery, and the fleet size dwindled to 4 boats by the last race. At least one wise team spent the entire day drinking at dockside, assisted by a winch-powered blender.

The M242 "Midnight Express" has been scooped up by Micah van der Heide from the bailiff at Kits Yacht Club! 

Congratulations to Micah, who has raced with Michael Clements for over 10 years while also successfully campaigning his own Davidson 40, Mad Max. Micah purchased Midnight Express from MacSailing on March 17.  It will probably stay at Kits Yacht Club.

Midnight Express was a very fast boat when raced regularly in the past. It was bought by MacSailing a few years back and used as a training vessel.

We all can look forward to locking horns with a very skilled sailor.  Welcome to the Fleet Micah!



Weekend races: fun in the sun!