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M242 Racing Rules Seminars

Dates: Wednesdays - April 10th and April 17th

Location: Kits Yacht Club

Time: 7 to 9pm

The Martin 242 fleet is very privileged to have David Pyron, a World Sailing International Umpire, provide two sessions to our fleet on the racing rules of sailing with a focus on how they apply to our fleet in particular and a discussion on the style of racing we desire as a fleet.

The two sessions are at Kitsilano Yacht Club from 7 to 9 pm on Wednesday, April 10 and Wednesday, April 17. Wednesday evenings were chosen as these lead into the start of our Wednesday night racing on April 24, coming up soon!  

The goal is to better understand our fleet knowledge of the rules and set our expectations to sail in accordance with the rules and enforce the rules. In the first session David will start with brief discussion of the style of racing in recent years and a few of the incidents occurring at marks. The first session will focus more on the fundamental rules, with discussions on sailing by the rules, avoiding contact, and safety. In the second session, David will delve into more advanced rules, in particular rules at marks, followed by protesting and most importantly, an open discussion on the style of racing we want as a fleet.

The cash bar will be open and we will have light snacks.  

We are collecting donations for a recognition gift and will have a collection box at the event.

Please join us in person for a couple of engaging evenings to kick-off the racing season and re-engage with your fleet!

SOLD (50% share) - Christian Bligh (hull #265)

2nd boat of 2024 to partially change hands - Vancouver, BC, on March 24, 2024: Christian Bligh (hull #265, Listed August 29, 2023 for CDN$10,000) - Colin Potter has sold a 50% partnership interest to Troy Topnik of Vancouver. It’s the 68th transaction in 7 years. The boat will live in False Creek.

With a white hull, Christian Bligh measures-in perfectly, is in great condition, and comes with good sails, a small outboard engine, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate. The boat weighs in at 2506 pounds, and is thus 31 pounds overweight, but there are ways to take weight out.

The boat has:

- epoxy barrier coating;

- new VC Offshore bottom paint;

- a new 2.3hp Honda motor with less than 20 hours of use.

Sail inventory:

Mainsail: 2017 Sobstad

Jib: 2014 Sobstad

Spinnaker: 2007


Cruising: Main, Jib & Spinnaker

Enjoy your 1st 242, Troy!



SOLD - Widgeon (hull #79)

1st boat of 2024 to change hands - on February 24, 2024 Widgeon (hull #79) was sold by Patrick Morrison of Bellingham, WA to Peter Grimm of Vancouver who in turn sold it to Reto Corfu of Vancouver on February 27. It’s the 67th transaction in 7 years. The boat will live at Kits Yacht Club.

With a dark green hull, Widgeon is in great condition and comes with good sails, a yard dolly / road trailer, a small outboard engine, and a 2016 Measurement Certificate. Reto still has part-ownership in Back in Black with Phil Cragg and plans to try and get both boats out racing regularly.


The boat will reportedly soon be the badfish

Enjoy your 242, Reto, and see you out there!