Fleet One "Return to Racing Policy" for July onwards

Hi everyone,

The 19 owner responses (out of 30 polled) to the recent "Return to Racing" options for July were reviewed in a special executive meeting.
Your Fleet One (Vancouver) Executive Committee has decided to lift all restrictions on racing for the month of July onwards.

New Rules 2021 - Part 2!

We briefly shared some links to resources explaining the changes to the rules for 2021 HERE - now here's another excellent resource from rules guru Dave Perry:

BONUS CONTENT! In case you've ever been confused about luffing rights and proper course downwind, here's a quick video refresher also from Dave Perry:
Rule 17 with Dave Perry

Building and Installing a new Mast Whip

Mast whips are almost always required for Martin 242’s that have full-length upper battens, as the mast whip helps extend the backstay line further aft than normal, and in that manner the roach of the mainsail is less likely to catch when tacking or gybing. Here's some info on upgrading your mast whip:

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