Wednesday Ad Hoc Training Provides Relief for Locked-down Sailors

Phil Cragg and Reto Corfu ('Phreto') have staged some informal practice races over a few Wednesday evenings to relieve sailors' jonesing for waterplay.

Obviously addicted to sparing on the sea, crews are still adhereing to important public health guideliines.  Apart from the usual RRS, I understand that penalties can be awarded for yelling towards a competitor who is less than 2 metres away (Yelling under 2 metres); it is unsportsmanlike conduct to hail without ppe (Naked hailing); and disqualification from a race can result from fending without sanitizing (foul fending foul).

COVID-19 is still with us and it is important to continue to follow Dr. Bonnie Henry. 

Start at 6pm somewhere between Kits Yacht Club and Royalvan.  Race Committee is likely a rib with Phil making noises.
  • Maximum crew of 2 or 3
  • Whitesail only, no spinnakers
  • startline between Phil's powerboat "Mongoose"  BC sailing orange RIB and a mark
  • one windward mark
  • Twice around, fairly short racecourse due to boring downwinds, so try for 3-4 circuits?
  • 3 minute starts, no flags:
    • bunch a whistles = get ready (4 min), 3 whistles = 3min, 2 whistles = 2 min, 1 whistle = 1 min, 1 long whistle = go
    • pick the aft corner of transom as boat end of start line  wherever Phil is sitting is boat end of the line
    • Honour system on OCS, etc. 
  • usual 1 turn penalty for fouls/2 turns if near a rounding mark
Training circuit will be between Royalvan and Kits. Don't forget to social distance in the boat yard & for launching.

Be Kind, Stay Calm, Sail Safe.


2020 Class Rules

Effective June 15, 2020 the new 2020 Class Rules go into effect, and they can be found in the M242 Class Docs section HERE on the Fleet One website.

The IMCA Technical Committee updated them over the past few weeks, making a number of moderate and minor changes, as follows:

  1. The slightly revised Class logo has been inserted and also defined in new Rule 3.6.9. When ordering a new mainsail, please ensure your sailmaker is aware of the updated Class Rules.
  2. New Rule 1.3 states that boats shall be measured according to the process guidelines in the World Sailing Equipment Rules of Sailing ("ERS"). This was previously mentioned in the Sail Appendixes, but has been included in the document body so as to explicitly cover the boat and equipment.
  3. Keel Position (old Rule 3.1.3) has been moved to Appendix B to align it with the other keel measurements, and to also state that Keel Position Dispensations can be granted by local Fleet Measurers.
  4. New Rule states that the main halyard can be a maximum of 1:1
  5. to have been renumbered and some of the paragraphs have been moved around to align them better with various subject matter.
  6. References to ISAF have been changed to World Sailing.

2:1 Main Halyard Appeal Decision

Welcome back to the Regional Fleet - Dave Pritchard - 5th boat of 2020 to change hands

On approximately June 5, the 5th boat of 2020 changed hands. Sebastian Fritz of Royal Vancouver Yacht Club sold Ruckus (listed February 19, 2020), #229, to Dave Pritchard of Gibsons YC.

Welcome to the Regional Fleet - Yury Levkovskiy

On April 25, the 3rd boat of 2020 changed hands. Norm Tsui of Kits Yacht Club sold Figarwe, #233, to Yury Levkovskiy, who will continue to race it out of Kits YC, where it was located on a yard dolly and was always dry sailed. Yury raced on Electra in 2019, so he is quite familiar with 242’s.

The white-hulled boat was originally listed for CDN$7800 and came with race sails, an older spare sail inventory, cushions and boards, Yamaha 4HP OB, and an electric trolling motor. Welcome to the Fleet, Yury, and enjoy your first 242!


Hopefully, Yury will answer the question of where Figarwe.