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2024 Round Bowen Race Report
-by Matt Sullivan, #8 Picante

On June 8th, the yearly Round Bowen Race was held with a large variety of entrants this year. Everything from an IC37 to an inflatable catamaran we're competing in the event. Sold as the largest start line in the PNW, it was one to remember.

After a general recall, the race got off to a clean start in a 12-15 knot Northwest Breeze with moderate chop. We tacked up the shore, trading places with Dirty Dog, Blackadder and Salient.

As we neared Cape Roger Curtis, the breeze died so we had to change gears to deal with the drifter conditions. During this time, Mike Clements and a few others took advantage of the tide relief VERY close to shore and made good gains on the top pack.

Dirty Dog and Blackadder were the first boats to sneak though the doldrums and made it into the breeze in Collingwood channel.

The wind remained fickle as we made our way down the first half of Collingwood. As we progressed it built to about 12-14 knts around Hutt Island as we took the quick but tight gap between it and Bowen. At this point we were in roughly 5th place as the boats that were ahead has extended their lead.

Nearing Finisterre Island, another restart zone began to form and the fleet once again compressed and the formidable lead of the the top 242s began to shrink. We got lucky and got into a very light Southerly near on the West side of the Island. After crawling back to the top boats, we managed to round Finisterre on the heels of Dirty Dog.

On the East Side of the island, we hooked into the Northwest which we started in albeit much lighter. Dirty Dog and us went far offshore into Howe Sound as the breeze near Bowen looked light to non existent. This proved to be the right choice as we slowly but surely approached the finish line.

The finish was a hectic event as the two of us traded places a couple of times on the last tack of the race. Within the last few minutes of the race we got a critical inside overlap at the finish mark and snuck inside for the win.

Top 3 242s

1- Picante
2- Dirty Dog
3- Blackadder

full results here:
Martin Marine Round Bowen Race | Bowen Island Yacht Club (
SOLD - Super Fast Jelly Fish, hull #139

5th boat of 2024 to change hands - Nanaimo, BC, on May 29, 2024: Super Fast Jelly Fish, hull #139 (listed August 29 2023 for CDN$12,000, price changed March 26, 2024 to CDN$10,000, incl yard dolly), has been sold by Peter Creighton to Ashlyn Arnold and her brother Riley of Vancouver. It’s the 71st transaction in 7 years. Ashlyn & Riley have both raced PHRF in the past and are keen to get into One Design racing. They plan on attending the NA's this year at Cowichan Bay. The boat will live on a private dock in Belcarra.

With a light grey hull, Super Fast Jelly Fish is in very good condition and comes with:
- lots of sails
- instruments
- all the boards and cushions in dry storage 
- tons of extra bits and pieces.
- a 2hp motor
- a 2016 Measurement Certificate (it measured in perfectly and was minimum weight with 109 pounds of Correctors)
- a new epoxy barrier and bottom paint job on it
- new rudder bushings
- a new thru-hull
- a yard dolly


Enjoy your first 242, Ashlyn & Riley!
Mark Room Rules for the Offset Mark

The offset mark can be a confusing place for the rules. Lots of things tend to be happening very fast – we’re bearing off, getting ready to hoist, and the rules situation is sometimes murky.

Does the offset mark count as a mark? Do the two marks count as some sort of long continuous mark? If I get room at the weather mark does that automatically mean I get room at the offset mark?

Let’s see:

In the racing rules of sailing, the definition of mark is:

An object the sailing instructions require a boat to leave on a specified side.

So is the offset mark mentioned in the SIs? Yes

Are we required to leave it on a specified side? Yes

So is it a mark? YES!

Since it’s a mark, Rule 18 applies just like at any other mark.

Is the offset mark its own mark, or does it just count as an “extension” to the regular weather mark?

Nothing in the rule book says anything about an offset mark being a special kind of continuous mark, so NO, it counts as a totally separate mark.

The key concept is that Mark Room is determined separately for each mark. Mark room is determined at the snapshot in time when the first boat reaches the zone for that mark. In this case, we look at whether there’s an overlap at each mark’s zone independently – both the zone around the weather mark, and the separate zone around the offset mark.

Here’s some scenarios to help clarify: