2020 Trophies!

Better late than never…while we unfortunately didn’t have a chance to have our annual fleet dinner & awards night, and many of the usual trophies went unawarded last year due to the number of cancellations, we did manage to actually award a few trophies for last year! So while we can’t applaud (or jeer) in person this time around, we can at least post these on the website for all to see…

Racing Concept of the Month #3

The “racing concept of the month” articles are way of sharing the general racing knowledge that has been developed over the decades in the Martin 242 fleet – this is the second of a series. All are loosely based on the excellent content in this article by Michael Clements.

Rules on the Port Layline

As we covered in this article, the English Bay westerly breeze normally means it pays big to bang the left corner upwind. This has the unfortunate side effect that we often find ourselves approaching the weather mark on or near the port layline. If not handled properly, this can have disastrous consequences!

This article will be a quick review of the rules that apply when rounding a mark, with a specific focus on what you should be thinking about on the port layline.

and it isn't good for anyone wanting to race or sail with other than family or household as crew.

ore information about Wednesday Evening Sailing and weekend Regattas to follow.

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